Solar PV works by converting solar energy from the panels on your roof directly to DC power. An inverter then converts this energy to AC electricity for use in your home. Panels can be on roof, in roof or ground mounted.


Many consumers find solar tiles more aesthetically pleasing but it is worth noting that they do command a higher cost. The panels should last around 25 years but it is likely that the inverter will need replacing once within that period. The great thing about solar PV panels is that they need little maintenance. We would recommend that a 3-5 yearly professional maintenance is undertaken to check readings and performance but other than that all you need to do is keep an eye out that the panels are relatively clean and aren't being overshadowed by any growing trees/bushes. 

Let your Solar Panels heat your hot water for FREE

With a Solar iBoost box incorporated into your PV system you can rest assured that the energy you are generating from your PV array which you are not using in your home will be diverted to heat the water in your tank. The 2 parts of the Solar iBoost system talk to each other wirelessly. There’s a Sender that measures how much is being exported which transmits information to the actual Solar iBoost itself and this responds by releasing the free energy available to heat up water in your tank. 

Benefits of Solar PV

Any electricity generated can not only be used but also
sold back to the grid 
Is eligible for the Feed in Tariff 

A 4kW system will generate on average about half of a average

typical households needs.

The majority of installs can be done in one day. 
There is a huge range of panels/tiles available which means that even if you are not keen on their appearance they can be blended into a lot of roofs. 
10 Reasons for Regular Solar PV Installation Testing
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